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Over the past few winters we have all been caught unawares, as snow and ice have ground our lives to a halt. At Wheatfield Decorative Stone we provide you with de-icing salt so you'll be prepared for the cold months. Our de-icing salt can help make the snow more manageable and your pathways safer for you and others. Our de-icing salt is available to wholesale customers at trade prices.

Pathway De-Icing Salt for Wintry Weather

We also offer sandbags to protect your property during the rainy season when floods plague the region.

We supply white salt with a purity of 96-98%. When compared with brown road salt, there is a reduced level of staining and residue so property will be left in the best possible shape. Find our de-icing salt at our Banbridge depot.

High Quality Products from Our Depots

Our depots keep a large quantity of de-icing salt in stock to prevent shortages when winter strikes. You don't even have to wait until winter to get your de-icing salt. Our salt contains an anti-caking agent to make the materials suitable for long periods of storage. So, get ahead of the game and stock up on de-icing salt before the colder months come around and the price at your local markets go up.

Wheatfield Decorative Stone Keeps a Heavily Stocked Inventory

Contact one of our depots for a delivery of de-icing salt:

028 4066 9288 (Banbridge)

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