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If you are looking for gardening supplies like gravel, top soil, or chipped bark, look no further than Wheatfield Decorative Stone. We also have sands for landscaping purposes.

When the wintry weather rolls around you can be prepared for the icy conditions with our de-icing salt. We make flexible deliveries and offer contract pre-packaging services for most of our products.


If your area is prone to flooding then you are used to using sandbags to protect your home and property from flood water. We make and sell those sandbags that keep the flood waters at bay.

For those of you who raise livestock, we offer lime bedding to help reduce the bacterial content in your livestock's bedding. With bulk deliveries available, we can accommodate your requirements, and deliver to your door.


Gardening Supplies

Pathway De-icing Salt

Emergency Sandbags

Livestock Lime Bedding

Gardening Supplies at Wheatfield Decorative Stone

We carry a wide range of gardening supplies for amateur and professional landscapers. Whether you are taking care of your own garden or make a living tending to other people's property, we can supply you with sand, decorative gravel and stones, soil, and different chipped bark. We have supplies for agricultural and construction needs, too. Visit our Banbridge depot to check out our inventory.


We offer a variety of chipped wood bark for use in garden landscaping. Each product has its specific uses, so you can choose the best for your own requirements. Mini chip bark is dark brown and derived from forestry bark chip. It can enhance the appearance of your project. There is also fine chip bark which can be used on borders and around shrubs and trees. This retains moisture, extending plant life during periods of drought and reducing the need for irrigation and watering.

Chipped Bark Varieties

Gardening Supplies Delivered to Your Door

When you make bulk orders through Wheatfield Decorative Stone we can package your supplies and deliver them right to your door. Our delivery service is made to suit you. With craned vehicles, we deliver in bulk or in bulk bags. When setting down, all efforts are made to ensure we minimise your own labour and work. You can order landscaping sand, soil, bark chips, and various pebbles and gravel in bulk.



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